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Kids Ranch Camps

Camp Morrow located in beautiful north central Oregon is home to Morrow Ranch Camp. This equestrian camp facility was designed to provide kids with a chance to get hands-on horse experience and training. The camp provides week-long adventures that range in discipline, level, and scope. Kids in the senior camps can bring their own horse or "adopt" a camp horse for the week. Trained certified instructors help them achieve goals in their horsemanship. In this setting, they are taught biblical truth and values that are exemplified by the horse-human relationship. Teddy manages the ranch program and enjoys instructing and mentoring the campers and staff members who come. 

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Kids Camp

We offer private, (individual), semi-private, (two or three students) and group (four to six riders) riding lessons.

Lessons are for 1-hour blocks and are scheduled weekly for four or six-week sessions. The person scheduling the lesson is responsible to provide arrangements to use a facility and if necessary a horse.  Occasionally the Morrow Ranch facility and/or horses are available to use through Teddy.They should be requested at least 1 week prior to the lesson start.


Lesson Pricing

Private 1 hr instruction $60 

Semi-Private (2-3 riders) $30 each

Group (4 or more) $25 each




Each spring Teddy selects a couple interns to join him in preparing the camp Morrow horses for the coming season. Interns must be finished with school and able to provide their own food and transportation. They receive lodging and special one on one instruction and mentoring. During their stay, they will start colts, re-school older horses, work in a variety of disciplines, as well as farrier work.  Occasionally they help out on neighboring ranches gathering and sorting cattle. Interns may decide to continue on into the summer season. Teddy encourages both skill development and personal spiritual growth. Prospective interns are encouraged to contact Teddy (Interns must be self supporting)

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