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Farrier Service 



Teddy believes in a centered approach to shoeing and trimming, bringing the balance parameters closer to the coffin joint and increasing  functional angle. His hoof care philosophy is similar to ELPO  Standards and protocols.


Every horse is evaluated based on 5 criteria.



  • Footfalls - Does the horse show signs of a heel first landing. What are other notable characteristics of the limb? Is there evidence of any lameness?

  • Distortion - How is distortion (due to growth) presenting in each individual foot?

  • Sole Plane -  Is the internal bone column in medial/lateral balance as determined by the plane of live sole?

  • Breakover - Is there more mass behind the widest part of the hoof  & break over occurring in the correct location?  

  • Load sharing - Is there good frog integrity with dirt compaction or similar taking place?


Teddy is currently offering services to select clients in Wasco county. Specialties include:


  • General Shoeing 

  • Therapeutic, Remedial, or Performance  Shoeing

  • Barefoot Maintenance

  • Specialized Applications such as EDSS systems or Glue on. (Please schedule glue on applications three weeks out as supplies aren't kept on hand)  



Desiring a formal education in farrier science Teddy chose to attend Mission Farrier School out of the approximately 34 schools available in the US.  This program represents the cutting edge in modern understanding of the equine limb. At MFS Teddy  studied under Mark Plumlee (CJF). While providing shoeing service is a recent venture, Teddy is continually working to better understand the equine limb, and improve his overall shoeing ability.  His desire is to combine relevant hoof science, with meaningful horsemanship, and traditional  craftsmanship. He hopes to certify through the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization or E.L.P.O.









Glue On Easy Shoe
Aluminum Leverage Reduction Shoe
Finishing up

Recognise Hoof Distortion

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Recognise Hoof Balance

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