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Welcome to Franke Equine 

My name is Teddy. If you just stumbled on this website, and you are wondering who in the world is Teddy and what is so special about his particular brand of horsemanship or farrier work?  Well, the truth is I am a guy who absolutely loves learning and growing.  Compared to the many horsemen and women whom I look up to, I am still early in my journey of personal improvement both as a horseman and as a human. I have been involved with horses (including many breeds ranging from AQHA's and Arabians to Mustangs and draft breeds) for over thirty years with most of that being in various professional capacities. In fact I have only ever had one job as an adult that was not horse-related. To me, horsemanship is a lifelong pursuit and I love to share the things I have learned. My only real claim to fame is that I know and love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has used the horse as a tool to teach me what it means to serve him. My hope is to pass that on to others in one way or another. 


I have had the advantage of learning methods,  ideas, tricks, and tips from beginners and from high-level professionals alike. No horse is the same and there are a great variety of  "ways."   I prefer horses that are taught to thoughtfully respond with willful obedience, and feel rather than to react through a mechanical response or patterning. I do my best to do something for the horse rather than to the horse.




Much like a child, horses learn by seeking reward and avoiding consequence.  More precisely horses seek comfort and avoid discomfort.   Good training has to incorporate these things delivered with skillful timing in a manner the horse can understand.  The world of horsemanship is full of ideas and theories on how to relate to these animals. Personally, I hold a deep respect for those who use what has become known as the early Californios system of training a bridle horse. The idea of progressing a horse step by step, hackamore to bridle, is time-honored. While I am not a die-hard traditionalist and enjoy using many modern methods, this style has had a lot of influence on how I think and train.


As a human and a follower of Jesus, I grow little by little. To expect quick development and completion of a horse can be really detrimental to the long-term integrity of the horse's mind and body. 


 As I said, it is a continued goal and passion to become a better horseman.  Developing an ability to be a good communicator is equally important.  Thanks for visiting this website. I hope you find the information and services that you are seeking and have great success with your horse.

                                                             Teddy Franke







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